Feb 18, 2013

Left Over Beer (198?)

Chris Banuelos

No Such Thing as Left Over Beer: Reflections on a Polish Party’s Party
Left Over Beer (198?) is the video I chose for this assignment because I thought it might get vulgar. According to the description on the website, it is a documentary about a Polish miner’s rally of some sort where they consume endless steins of beer and there is a “wild striptease.” They do and there is, full nude. While watching the download, it became apparent that what I was watching was originally a video rather than a film due to the immediate visual evidence of head switching and tracking errors. There was no date given in the descriptors on the website, only that it was color, sound, and fourteen minutes long, of which all three were true. In one scene, a second cameraman is shown on-screen and based on this image and the camera he was using, my best guess and estimation is that the footage was taken somewhere between 1984 and 1988. There were also very definite cuts in the video that seemed to jump back and forth in time and location. Since the video is in Polish, I am unable to tell, within the context of the words being spoken, whether the cuts were creating a deliberate meaning or not. At any rate, these guys are all in uniforms, replete with medals, and it’s all men. I trust they’re miners because that is what the description says, but there looks to be footage of a political rally march or something interspersed with the meeting in the great hall; weird. My favorite part is when some of the guys dress in drag and seemingly auction actual painted (like someone sat down and painted these things) replica paintings of Dali works that feature giant penises.  

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