Feb 19, 2013

Bielsko-Biala wczoraj i dzis - Bielsko-Biala Yesterday and Today.

Bielsko-Biala wczoraj i dzis - Bielsko-Biala Yesterday and Today. 

This is a jazz fusion version of  Berlin Symphony, and a coherent and consistent juxtaposition of  archival footage and moving images of public space in Bielsko-Biala, a modernized city in the south of Poland. The film is a unified integration of materials derived from the past through still  photography and moving images captured by film stock at present with a mix of jazz and R&B rhythms through the 17-min black and white film. Compared the past with the present, the most distinction is the inception of cars and locomotives to the old landscapes while both the old and the new become memories by now. The filmmaker(s) paid most of the attention to the urban architectures, ranging from public squares, crossroads, school campus, town halls, churches, and construction sites. Almost every shot is wide angle, slightly panning at almost random directions, and covering the city as much as possible. However, the somehow rough handheld camerawork doesn't interfere with the rhythmic flow of the film. Rather, it delivers a sense of craftsmanship, reminding me of the first time I shot a video as I was trying to hold the camera still with the right focus. No date and author listed.

Zhou Xin

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