Feb 18, 2013

Amateurs with Palettes

Nieprofesjonalni z paleta / Amateurs with Palettes (?)

Amateurs with Palettes is a 7 minute display of amateur painters and their canvasses located in a small studio in Piekary Slaskie. The description supplied by Enthusiasts Archive for this piece calls this work a celebration of all amateurs alike, as it is a film created by amateurs and about amateurs. This fact is not explicitly told through narration and only the title informs the viewer of the painters’ status in regards to their talents. The entire duration of the piece is spent panning across the collection of works representing differing subject matters and styles, suggesting that this Poland salon is not partial to any one technique. Not only composing frames within the works of art, the camera also reveals the inside circle of the artists involved, exposing their hands and faces as they work towards, and examine their progress. The oddest element of this piece rests in the musical arrangement playing throughout, which echoes similar riffs and psychedelic persuasions heard in Pink Floyd tracks. While this work is not dated, the music suggests that the documentary short originated around the mid-70’s to early 80’s

-- Erica Titkemeyer

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