Feb 19, 2013

Enthusiasts archive: Przez Lustro (Through the Mirror)

Przez Lustro (Through the Mirror) 1985

Through the Mirror is a 16mm color film shot in 1985 by Dzida Franciszek. When the film starts, we see a man ringing the doorbell of an apartment where a woman lives. She lets him in. They seem to know each other. But who they really are it is fully revealed by a flashback, showing their life together as lovers. In the end, old memories help them revive their sentiment. The only sound we can hear is music, because there are no dialogues: the film is built on glances, smiles, and unspoken words. Space and time are defined by contrast (interior/warm colors for the present, exterior/cold colors for the past, different music). At the end of the film, the music from the past emphasizes the renewed love of the couple.

Federica Liberi

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