Feb 18, 2013

Enthusiasts: archive: Romanza ludzika / Flirt

Romanza ludzika / Flirt (1963)
Romanza ludzika is an animation film produced by Marian Koim in 1963. It is the sound film in 16mm format. This film is the mixture of live action and animation. The story is about one man tries to flirt one woman sitting next to each other. The animation behaves like it is a matchmaker trying to draw the man's attention to the woman, also help the man finding ways and ideas to make that woman loves. This is a lovely film that draws the attention of viewer by showing a small cute water-color like animation of a butterfly which can be transformed to anything he wants. I like the camera angles in this film. The filmmaker used several extreme close-up shots of face, mouth, and eyes to express the emotion of characters that makes the viewers can perceive the real feeling.

Pawarisa Nipawattanapong

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