Apr 23, 2013

more more access, by Julia Kim

By limiting access to stag films, they are effectively ensuring that "the most orphaned of orphan film" will remain little known or understood (109). 

-This in turn will perpetuate the poor care they are in.  The films will continue degrading without appropriate care (no archivist!).  

-in this age of digital access, to not allow scholars (not a paying public) access to these controversial materials off-site will limit the ability of scholars to engage them for publication.  This is especially important in the case of these orphaned works.

-W/ the KKK Knight Riders, for example, Williams points out that however difficult the material is, "this film is an important historical document of the limits of female agency in stag films is that it reminds us of a history of actual sexual slavery that the term "sexworker" cannot encompass (126)."  This film offers a counterpoint to previous scholarly attempts to assert humor and some female agency.

-also, i would like to point out that the argument is not for opening this up to the paying public (nor am i necessarily going to address the argument for distribution by Kino), but for off-site access to scholars within the framework of scholarship.

-- Julia Kim


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