Apr 24, 2013

[Curating MIs] Presentation dates assigned.

Fred says:

Below is the promised P.S. about our final 2 course meetings.  Please read the details carefully.

Not enough people agreed to present on April 30 (though anyone I ask to do so should be able to do so).  As I mentioned, if you are presented a week earlier than others, I/we know that you have had less time to prepare and therefore are presenting a more preliminary version of what you will submit in the end.  But everyone who has kept up with the coursework and taken advantage of consultations should be perfectly able to give an excellent presentation on the first week. Your challenge should not be "do I have enough to say?," but "how can I limit my presentation to 15 minutes?"

Below is the roster as I have it. Let me know if you see an error.
(The names on each date are not necessarily in a required sequence of presentations for that date.)

Reminder that everyone is expected to attend both sessions and listen to and respond to all presentations.

Present on  Tuesday, April 30
1.  Sylvie Vitaglione
2.  Rebecca Fraimow
3.  Dan Erdman and 4.  Kathryn Gronsbell
5.  Matt Prigge
6.  Jessica Pitcher
7.  Shira Peltzman
8.  Erica Titkemeyer

Present on Tuesday, May 7th
1.   Xin Zhou and 2. Pawarisa Nipawattanapong
3.  Juana Suárez
4.  Federica Liberi
5.  Jared Eisenstat
6.  Austin Kim
7.  Chris Banuelos
8.  Julia Kim
9.  Madeline Ostdick
10.  Kristin MacDonough

If the timing goes as expected, we will use the empty 15-20 minute slot on April 30 to fill out the department's required course evaluation forms. (Thank you, in advance.)

If the timing goes as expected, we might need to go a little past 4:30 on May 7, or shorten our mid-class break.  (I assume this is preferable to reconvening during what would be the NYU assigned day/time for an exam period, after May 7.)  However, if people arrive on time, we should be able to be finished on time. (Thank you, in advance.) 
I say this because MORE THAN HALF of the class population has been LATE to the start of recent class meetings, and usually more than a little bit late. So, thank you in advance for being diligent about getting the to class on time and also getting your computer files loaded expeditiously. 

If there is online content you would like your audience to view before your presentation, you might use the course blog to post descriptions and links to that material. Heck, you can use the blog to post as much text or pix relevant to your final project as you care to. It need not be terribly formal, so long as it's useful and smart. (You're all smart.) Since the Blogspot e-mail posting system is not working, please IDENTIFY YOURSELF BY NAME in the posting, and CC me on your e-mail to streible1.miap@blogger.com 

Please feel free to ask specific questions before our meeting if you are unclear about anything. 

Looking forward to seeing your good ideas in motion. 

Dan Streible
instructor of record

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