Feb 9, 2017

Looking for "All My Babies"

All My Babies (1952) 53-55 min., depending on the copy
Director: George Stoley
Copyright: Georgia Department of Health
Columbia University Press

In the “Letter to Scott MacDonald from George Stoney, 3/22/01”, Stoney writes of the screening of his film All My Babies: A Midwife’s Own Tale at a Cinema 16 screening. Although I had never heard of the film, an abundant amount of information about the film is available online with a simple Google search. It is an educational film from 1952 that depicts childbirth and the work of midwives in the Deep South. The film’s full content is available on YouTube, (posted by “Ultimate YouTube Resource” in January of 2014) with the description claiming the work is in the public domain. However, this seems dubious as the film’s content is also available online through Bobst, but only with an NYU account.  The Georgia Department of Health owns the rights and a 16mm print is available at the Center for Mass Communication of Columbia University Press.

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