Apr 9, 2014

May(sles) is not...whatever, you want it to be(?)

by Amani Jordan

from Blacks in Experimental Film (Part 2)
Maysles Documentary Center 

I could smell the gentrification and old-people smell from the subway. I figured it was in Harlem so it wouldn't be that bad....right? I mean Black film in a historical Black neighborhood? But then again, everything changes in thee city at a rapid pace....I suppose I was the one left behind, in this 'NEW' urban landscape.

I exited the station on 125th(1/2/3) [ because I know that line very well due to my time at the greatness known as G-Ho(tel)]].  I see Sylvia's Bright ass lights to my right as I make my way up the avenue known as Lenox or better yet : MALCOLM X BOULEVARD. Hmmm....gentrifyers must not like publicizing the fact that they  used to live near a radical? 


Anyways, despite the dumb address choice. I am interested by the fact that as I make my way to the smallest (and only?) indie 'documentary center in Harlem? I shall note this fact in my journal....seek out other documentary film programming in Harlem; A Black neighborhood with a truly rich history, must have good cinematic programming(?) I was proven oh so very wrong.

As noted, there is a $10 suggested donation. First of all.....I did not even see 10 bucks of donations when I stepped into that small ass lobby area. Like c'mon though....you got a random kodak projector with the Pan-African flag in it? Is that supposed to attract the niggers on the street or something that don't even have enough money to pay for  their fines that are delivered by the new york city pigs department? Am I bugging out though?

Amani Jordan
RALI Programming Activity

2. Residents(10-20) will come together in small groups to compete, using their advanced collegiate vocabularies in this enjoyable word game. Insomnia Cookies platter will also be served.
3. Late September; Residential Lounge
4. Expand minds and vocabularies of residents; Allow residents to naturally make connections amongst themselves; Relieve academic stresses at the beginning of the semester.
5. Acquire 5  sets of the [] game, available at bookstores; Reserve lounge 2 weeks in advance; Create an attractive poster to hang in the lobby; Post information about the event on social media pages of the Res Hall & answer any subsequent inquiries; Order Insomnia Cookies platter at least 6 hours in advance; Lastly, set up lounge for the event in the lounge.

This project is about self-documentation and what I did not see when I went to this particular society of greatness. Not to say that there wouldn't be anything...but my expectations were quite low....and what happens when a place like this, a place OF and not truly OF my people? I get frustrated of course.

yeah that was me. just chilling. like what is exactly going on right now? But I mean they did the most with what kind of space they had. i should have planned out this assignment better because I feel as if now I'm realizing that that experience I had near Sylvia's and gentrified buildings actually did me some good. I got to see film for another time and place....from another time and place from the perspective of another type of folks. They definitely

need projection work by the way. They started pretty late...but then again it was raining. 

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