May 14, 2013

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From: Rick Prelinger <>
Date: May 14, 2013, 4:38:35 PM EDT
To: May Haduong <>,, Dan Streible <>
Cc: Rick Prelinger <>
Subject: Thank you

Dear May, Dan, and Randy,

I wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to participate in last weekend's "The Real Indies"/Orphan Films event. This was a tremendous event that combined curatorial integrity and entertainment in an inspired manner, and confirmed (if anybody still needed confirmation) that the Academy works hard to support film preservation, film studies, and film exhibition in every sector of cinema. I believe the future of film studies, as well as interdisciplinary scholarship involving film and media, is deeply entwined with the broad spectrum of orphaned films, which also have great public appeal. I very much hope that you'll be in a position to host future events of this kind.

May, I wanted to especially thank you for your on-the-ground management of this complex weekend. From my perspective as a presenter, it was one of the best-organized conferences and screening events I've ever attended. Thank you for all of your kindnesses and assistance.



Rick Prelinger / @footage
Prelinger Archives, San Francisco

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