May 9, 2013

Fwd: Black Maria Film Festival at Lincoln Center, Library of the Performing Arts this Saturday at 2:30 pm

Maybe there should be a Black Mariah event simultaneously.  

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From: John Columbus <>
Date: May 9, 2013, 7:13:59 AM PDT
Subject: Black Maria Film Festival at Lincoln Center, Library of the Performing Arts this Saturday at 2:30 pm

The film festival tour heads into NYC after three months on the road traveling across the nation. Please join us this Saturday, May 11th at 2:30pm at the Library of the Performing Arts' Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center, 3rd Floor Screening Room at Lincoln Center for a special screening of selected works from the 32nd annual Black Maria Film Festival. Festival Director and Founder John Columbus will be present to introduce the films and some of the filmmakers.
Program List: 
Near the Mountain  - 14 min. by Flynn Donovan, Portsmith, NH
Shot in remote Arequepa, Peru Near the Mountain is a striking portrait of an 80 year-old quarry worker and his son who have been cutting strikingly white stone for 40+ years. The pair's arduous days are fraught with danger scrambling up rocky cliffs and dynamiting enormous chunks of stone. Scenes of churches and mansions made of the white stone lend context  to this portrait of human labor. 
Same Stream Twice - 5 min. silent by LynneSachs, Brooklyn, NY
A child is seenrunning in a circle as the camera pans in slow motion. The vibrancy of youth, of change, of time iseloquently and poignantly represented as the same child, now grown, gracefully repeats her juvenescence romp, with her platinum locks flowing in the wind.
Lionfish Delusion – 4 min. by Quique Rivera Rivera, SanJuan, PR. 
This is an imaginative underwater neo-noir animation inspired by the Lionfish plague. Fishes dream, lobster claws trans-mutate and the sea swirls in a whimsical representation of greed, gluttony and hierarchy in the Caribbean reefs.
Bridge  - 11 min. by Kevin T. Allen, Brooklyn, NY.
Three of NYCs most familiar bridges are portrayed in closely detailed, saturated color revealing surface and acoustic details. The filmmaker writes: "A study of three similar but distinct micro-cultures: The Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge...The film treats the bridge as an anthropological body ... as a physiology of limbs, organs, eyes and ears moving in time."
Bloom  - 11 Scott Stark, Austin, TX
In this richly choreographed, multi faceted, cinematic and sonic opus, industrial penetrations into the arid Texas landscape yield a strange and exotic flowering (thus the title Bloom). Using images from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image based on oil drilling footage from the first half of the 20th century, Bloom offers an arresting experience and at the same time a powerful statement about our dependence on fossil fuels.
Surf and Turf  - 35 Abigail Child, New York, NY
This film explores contemporary ambiguities in the lives of Syrian Orthodox Jews (before Hurricane Sandy hit)who have built synagogues, restaurants and schools in the shore town of Deal, NJ. The local culture is changing with a continuing tide of newer immigrants. Assimilation is an issue. The look is secular, the lifestyle -capitalist and religious. The topic - that of the "unmelted pot" of America's small towns combined with a portrait of wealthy orthodox religious sectarians - is a compelling one. 

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