Feb 2, 2011

Fwd: New York critics welcome Frantisek Vlacil retrospective

Speaking of Curating Moving Images....

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Subject: New York critics welcome Frantisek Vlacil retrospective
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I was not planning on sending out more messages on the Vlacil retrospective, but the wonderful response of New York critics must be shared. It warms my heart to see Vlacil’s artistry recognized. Thank you to the Film Society of the Lincoln Center for presenting the retrospective and the Czech Center for supporting it.

The Wall Street Journal’s review by Kristin M. Jones who says: "The Fantastic World of František Vláčil," is a welcome salute to a director whose work should be world-renowned.

Artforum’s Tony Pipolo calls the retrospective one of the most important retrospectives to hit New York in recent memory”

The New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane potrays Vlacil’s MARKETA LAZAROVA in his column GETTING MEDIEVAL
http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/notebook/2011/02/07/110207gonb_GOAT_notebook_lane (you need to be a subscriber to read online – it’s on page 10 of the printed version)

J.Hoberman, longtime Vlacil fan, writes beautiful and informed capsule reviews in The Village Voice
(and just for good memories sake, here’s Michael Atkinson’s beautiful article on Vlacil when BAMcinematek presented his retrospective back in 2002 calling it “one of the most inspired for a metro-retro in years”: http://www.villagevoice.com/content/printVersion/170090/)

David Hudson on Mubi.com includes the series in his notebook with a great picture

...and even Time Out NY reserved themselves from the sarcasm that usually appears in their descriptions of Czech films.

Let’s celebrate Vlacil, go to the cinema. WRT has a wonderful large screen allowing you to savor the beautiful images....

See you there, Irena


February 2-10
Walter Reade Theater, The Film Society of the Lincoln Center

Sat, February 5 at in-person appearances by actor Jan Kacer and author Peter Hames including a book-signing

at The Walter Reade Theater
Film Society of the Lincoln Center

165 West 65th Street, upper level
between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue

Film description and tickets available at www.filmlinc.com/wrt/onsale/vlacil.html

Wednesday, February 2
2 PM The White Dove (Holubice; 76 minutes) + Glass Skies (Sklenena oblaka; 18 minutes)
4 PM The Shadow of the Fern (Stin kapradiny; 90 minutes)
6 PM Marketa Lazarova (163 minutes)
9:10 PM The Valley of the Bees (Udoli vcel; 97 minutes)
Friday, February 4
2 PM Shadows of a Hot Summer (Stiny horkeho leta; 99 minutes)
4 PM Smoke on the Potato Fields (Dym bramborove nate; 95 minutes)
6 PM The White Dove + Glass Skies
8 PM The Devil's Trap (Dablova past; 85 minutes)
Saturday, February 5
2:30 PM Sirius (50 minutes) + Art Nouveau in Prague (Praha secesni; 20 minutes)
4 PM The Valley of the Bees, introduced by Jan Kacer
6 PM Sentiment (76 minutes), post-screening Q&A with Peter Hames and Jan Kacer lead by Scott Foundas
8 PM Marketa Lazarova

Sunday, February 6
2 PM Smoke on the Potato Fields
4 PM The Devil's Trap
6 PM Adelheid (99 minutes)
8 PM The Little Shepherd Boy from the Valley (Pasacek z doliny; 80 minutes)
Wednesday, February 9
2 PM Adelheid
4:15 PM The Little Shepherd Boy from the Valley
6:15 PM Serpent's Poison (Hadi jed; 80 minutes)
8 PM Shadows of a Hot Summer

Thursday, February 10
2:30 PM Serpent's Poison
4:15 PM Sentiment
9 PM The Shadow of the Fern

Acknowledgments: National Film Archive, Prague; Bionaut Films; British Film Institute/Geoff Andrew and Julie Pearce, Czech Centre London/Renata Clark, Czech Center New York/Pavla Niklova and Radka Krizek, Peter Hames, Jan Kacer, Irena Kovarova



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