Feb 7, 2011

Fwd: curator description

Curator of Moving Images, Country Music Foundation


K. Hix


Job Description:

The Curator is responsible for the building and focusing of the moving image collection.  the Curator implements and carries out collection access, preservation, and conservation policies which are in line with the directives of the Country Music Foundation.  The Curator may be responsible for training and managing staff, volunteers, and interns, and will aid in securing funding for archive projects through grant-writing and fundraising.




• Oversee the general operations of the Moving Image Archive.

• Focus and build the Moving Image Collection according to museum collections policy through the coordination of donations and loans, and through the formal accessioning and de-accessioning of appropriate materials.

• Manage and train staff, volunteers, and interns as appropriate; delegate duties.

• Put into place and carry out policies, procedures, and projects for the long-term conservation, preservation, and digitization of the collection.

• Work with staff to develop metadata management strategies (best practice cataloging, trafficking, file-naming conventions, etc.) which are in line with nationally or internationally accepted standards.

• Technological awareness:  pursue continued education and training in order to operate equipment and software necessary to best care for and make accessible the Moving Image Collection.

• Work with exhibit staff to develop exhibit content.

• Answer research and access questions as needed.

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