May 16, 2017

Final Project Presentations

I found the presentations for other students’ final projects really helpful when thinking of my own work. When working alone, it is hard to gauge if you are on the right track, if your process is similar to others, and if the scope of your work is appropriate. Sarah’s presentation was especially interesting. She mentioned that she started her program about women’s empowerment and resistance thinking she would screen The Color Purple, but as she continued her work, the film no longer fit into the program. 

I had similar struggles with figuring out where certain films worked, and as I added pieces, if they still worked with the program. I also took Raanan’s questions and concerns to heart, with respect to my final project. My project, while touching on the theme of discomfort in one’s body, does not touch on topics such as race, gender dysphoria, or other equally important and relevant issues. I struggled to figure out why I felt that these topics didn’t fit. When selecting works, I had purposely chosen not to include a medical film of child birth. Why? I know part of the reason is that the scope of my program was becoming too broad. When your series’ theme is the human body, that includes every body. It’s not to say I shied away from certain topics, but rather, this program was more personal to me than I realized. My world is heavily populated by doctors, pills, procedures, and the latest medical studies. Luckily, this has also turned into a love for most things medical. But feeling like an object, or even dependent on machines is a thought manifested in this series. How others interpret or react to the program is entirely welcome, as everyone’s reaction to their own body, let alone a piece of art is unique and personal. With that said, I do welcome the challenges this series has brought and could bring in the future.

Hannah Franklin

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