May 11, 2014

The Orphans 9 Filmography Team

On Friday, May 9, filmographers Ashley Morton (l), Cate Park (c), and Diana Ritter (r) worked all day on the Orphans 9 filmography and its many pages associated on the symposium's new WordPress blog.

The Filmography begins here: 

Work stopped at 6:00 pm for the Department of Cinema Studies Graduation Party, where the team enjoyed the well-earned rewards of a Mexican buffet.  

Meanwhile, the site continues to "build out," with content written by fellow Curating curators. See for example, the posting by Ben Turkus about the Digital Decay and Remobilization session at Orphans 9. He incorporates a review of the new Heidi Rae Cooley book, Finding Augusta and its companion Augusta App.

See also the more fully illustrated edition of this essay, posted here: 

Also on that Orphan Film Symposium blog:

• audio (32 minutes) of Thomas Elsaesser's keynote address, "The Poetics of Obsolescence,"

• and Maria Vinogradova's notes on the Soviet amateur film she screened at Orphans 9, On the Same Earth (1976). 

You can see where the filmographers' work combines with the symposiasts' contributions, as in this page with the detailed filmography of the Eastern Bloc Amateur Filmmaking session:

Thanks, team. Let's keep on trucking. 

-- Dan Streible

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