Feb 25, 2014

Feb. 26 class: Meet at 721 Broadway (not Anthology Film Archives)

Meet at 721 Broadway, 6th floor, room 670

Wednesday • February 26
Alternative Exhibition & Achival Experimentation:
Guest speaker: archivist/artists/scholar Walter Forsberg

READ:  all of the journal issue Incite #4 (co-edited by WF)
+  DVD booklets for Orphans in Space: Forgotten Films from the Final Frontier
and Orphans 8: Made to Persuade (both 2012, both co-produced by WF).

In the first hour we will be joined by John Klacsmann. 


Walter Forsberg is a time-based medium. Born in a Saskatchewan funeral home, he works to resurrect dead media as an artist and archivist. His past media preservation projects included collaborations with artist Cory Arcangel and Bell Labs scientist Béla Julesz. His movies have screened at places such as Sundance, TIFF, Rotterdam, DOXA, Anthology Film Archives, the Academy, and others. Walter compiled and designed the monograph Starvation Years: Album de l’Atelier national du Manitoba 2005-2008, a history of the Winnipeg art collective, published in 2014. He is a contributing editor at INCITE Journal of Experimental Media, for which you should probably obtain an institutional subscription.

John Klacsmann (b. 1985, Augusta, Georgia) is Archivist at Anthology Film Archives in New York City. He manages Anthology's principle audiovisual collections including: inspecting, repairing, and cataloging film originals, prints, and tapes; supervising preservation projects; assisting researchers; and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the archives and collection vaults. He has worked on preserving films of the American avant-garde including those by Hollis Frampton, Harry Smith, and Paul Sharits, among others. Klacsmann holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Washington University in St. Louis. He graduated from the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation at the George Eastman House in 2008 and was a film preservation specialist and optical printing technician at Colorlab, a film laboratory in Maryland, before joining Anthology in 2012. His interests include stroboscopic cinema, antiquated Technicolor dye-transfer systems, and Unix-like operating systems.

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