Mar 6, 2013

2013 Thesis Presentations

And it's all FREE!

The 2013 MIAP thesis presentation schedule + descriptions are posted here:


Monday March 25

10-11:30am Shira Peltzman, Room 648

Unlocking the DCP: Evaluating the Risks, Preservation, and Long-Term Management of Digital Cinema Packages in Audiovisual Archives

Tuesday March 26

10-11:30am Kathryn Gronsbell, Room 648

WITNESSing change: the Organizing Community-Accessible Audiovisual Preservation Training for Archiving and Information Needs (O-CAAPTAIN) model

Wednesday March 27

10-11:30am Christopher Banuelos, Room 648

Hooked on Codecs: An Examination and Explanation of What Codecs Do, How They Work, and What This Means for Repositories

Thursday March 28

10-11:30am Federica Liberi, Room 648

Digital Restoration Workflow: A Comparative Study

2-3:30pm Erica Titkemeyer, Room 674

Assembling the Fragments, Accessing the Silenced: The Status of Queer Memory Institutions with a Focus on Moving Image and Audio Materials

6-7:30pm Kristin MacDonough Room 648

Preserve Your Cake and Eat it Too: Issues in the Preservation and Conservation of Video Games

Friday March 29

10-11:30am Juana Suárez, Room 648

Film Archives, Cultural History and the Digital Turn in Latin America

2-3:30pm Pawrisa Nipawattanapong, Room 670

Archiving Issues of Television Stations: Planning for and Preserving Video Collections

4-5:30pm Rebecca Fraimow, Room 670

Building Archives Of Our Own: Amateur Repositories for Digital Remix Video

6-7:30pm Dan Erdman, Room 670

Let's Go Stag! How to Archive Dirty Movies with a Clean Conscience

Presentations will be 45 minutes to 1 hour, followed by a Q&A, and are open to the public.

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