Apr 8, 2011

the Swank family

Dear Curating Moving Images, 

How do I get film prints for my special event? 
I'm not a professional or commercial movie exhibitor. 
Can I still get 16 or 35mm prints to project?

In the dark, 
J. H.

Dear J., 

You're in luck. One big nontheatrical film distributor dominates the field, and as the last surviving distributor of this type, Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. distributes for most all of the "majors."

 Below is some text from the company's website. Note that Swank serves several caterogies of venues, including Museums and Film Societies.
 The company traffics in the loan of movies on DVD, videotape, 16mm and 35mm film prints. 
You can also search the company's available movie titles and other credits at http://college.swankmp.com/museums/search.asp . Swank has, for example, 5 Ann Sheridan movies availabe for rent. And 2 Charlie Chan movies.

The offiical blurb:

"Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. founded in 1937, is the major non-theatrical movie distributor, online CE/CME education distributor and public performance licensing agent in venues where feature movies are shown publicly.

Founded in 1937, Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. is a successful, growing business privately owned by the Swank family and led by Tim Swank, Chairman. Headquartered in St. Louis, Swank also maintains sales offices in New York, Berlin and Paris, with an international shipping and distribution facility located near Chicago.

Major Hollywood and independent movie studios have appointed Swank as their exclusive licensing and distribution partner to offer their box-office hits for public performance in non-theatrical markets (markets outside theaters). Swank represents Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures, New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, MGM, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Tri Star Pictures, The Weinstein Company, Focus Features, Miramax Films, Overture Films, Warner Independent, Paramount Classics, Paramount Vantage, Fine Line Features, HBO, Hallmark Hall Of Fame Productions, United Artists, National Geographic, ThinkFilm, Magnolia Pictures, Newmarket Films, First Look Studios, First Independent Pictures, Monterey Media and many other independent studios.

Swank Motion Pictures provides both public performance licensing rights and licensed movies to numerous non-theatrical markets, including worldwide cruise lines, U.S. colleges and universities, K-12 public schools and libraries, American civilian and military hospitals, motor coaches, Amtrak trains, correctional facilities and other markets such as parks, art museums and businesses."

 Hope that helps you, J. H.





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