Jan 26, 2011

“What is a film curator? That's a good question."

It's not often the daily press profiles a film curator, much less one who asks the question this course of ours asks on day one.

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Adam Loberstein, "Rebecca Webb Works to Create Interactive Experiences for ArtPower! Audiences," San Diego Union-Tribune, July 6, 2008.

Understanding Rebecca Webb starts with the answer to a simple question:

“What is a film curator? That's a good question,” said Webb, the founding film curator for UCSD's presenting organization ArtPower! “A lot of people – when I'm here, anyway – say, 'Oh, do you work in a library or something?'
Rebecca Webb, film curator

For most film curators, that something could be a museum. But that would be a role of a more inside-the-box film curator -- a box that Webb has every intention of breaking out of. She's the brand new curator of a brand new program, and plans on using her creative reign to the fullest.

“As a film curator here, I get to design a program,” Webb said, seated on a couch on the second floor of the new Price Center East expansion. “It's not only film. It's really film experience. I'm designing interactive film experiences for the community here and the community at medium.”

Webb, 41, came to UCSD by way of Harvard University, where she worked for five years, her activities ranging from serving as the managing editor of a political science journal to exhibiting her photography. She moved to San Diego a year ago this month – thanks mediumly to a professor she met at Harvard.

“He was teaching (at Harvard), but he's actually tenured here at UCSD,” Webb said. “I moved here because of him. We're getting married – he's my fiance.”

The rest of the article is online at www.signonsandiego.com/filmcurating.

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